Learn from others

Be a sponge! Look in the App Store, keep your eye on the news. See who’s grabbing attention and how they’re doing it. Check out case studies and ‘how to’ articles on marketing posted online. They might not all offer suggestions that you would use yourself, agree with or be directly appropriate for your app, but they will trigger ideas of your own.

Learn from the best….

How did Angry Birds become a blockbuster? Rovio video interview and transcript

…and what went wrong for others

Some Brutally Honest iPhone App Sales Numbers: $32k Spent vs $535 Revenue (Conclusions: No ‘Lite’ version / Price too high?)

Soak up case studies and presentations

How to successfully market your iPhone App

Mobile Marketing > Best practices

…and news


..and maybe just a little general inspiration too

Seth Godin’s Blog

Why worry? Life as an Entrepreneur