Part Three – The Project

‘There is no try. There is only do or not do.’

Yoda, Jedi Master

You’ve outsourced all (or nearly all) of the work. Everyone’s responsibilities are clear (you sorted those out in the the Concept and Supplier stages remember) The project stage of your app should be time for you to ‘take it easy’ then, right?

Well that may be the case for some, but depending on:

  • the type and size of your project;
  • the amount of work required from your own team or colleagues;
  • and just how much you’d like to get involved;

there are still a few things you should keep in mind. Some of which are related to iPhone and iPad issues, some of which are just general project management concepts.

If project management is your thing any way then I’m sure you don’t need me to hold your hand. If you already have a well-oiled project management system in your team or company stick with it and just make whatever adjustments you want for the app process.

For those who’d like a few pointers though, I have some suggestions here too. In general though I’ve concentrated on some of the technical iPhone/iPad-only things that you might encounter. I also touch on a few tools that may help you manage a project that might involve a lot of back and forth between your own team and that of another supplier (who may also be in a different time zone to you).

Part Three – The Project