Here you’ll find document templates (so you don’t have to waste time creating them yourself); all the useful links from the book (so you can use this as a reference throughout your project) and anything I couldn’t fit in the book that you also might find useful.

*UPDATE* Prototyping

If you haven’t yet produced your app or you’ve got an idea you want to test out first, I strongly recommend Amir Khella’s excellent iPhone & iPad App Prototyping Templates, otherwise known as Keynotopia.

Available for just a few dollars they give you an amazing fast and easy way to test any app idea on an iPhone or iPad directly. I would not even dream of spending one dollar on coding until I had done a prototype with these first.

1) Document Templates

All documents from the App Outsourcing Guide for iPhone & iPad (right-click links then ‘Save as…’)

Part Four – The Push

No document templates for this section.

Part Five – The Launch

2) Useful Links

Collection of all the links from the App Outsourcing Guide for iPhone & iPad in one place.

Why iPhone? Why iPad?

Mobile Data
Research Companies

The Concept (Part One)

Apple Info

Research Tools

Survey Tools

Ad Networks (in-app)

Photoshop templates

Registering with Apple

The Supplier (Part Two)


Non-disclosure Agreement

The above agreements are samples provided for your reference only and shall not be relied upon as legal advice. These templates might not be appropriate for your specific requirements. The App Outsourcing Guide nor Elance makes no warranty of the suitability of these templates and accepts no liability arising out of the use of these templates. Please consult your legal or business advisor for further information or advice.

Supplier Communication

Outsourcing Alternatives

Alternatives / Mobile Websites
Music App Creators

The Project (Part Three)


Icon Inspiration

In-App Analytics

Project Collaboration Tools

The Push (Part Four)


Domain Names
Blogging Software



App Review Websites

Q & A Websites

Press Release Networks

Newsletters & Subscriber Lists

SMS Providers

Social Media

PR Agencies

Presentation Sharing

Exhibition Stands

Mobile and App News

The Launch (Part Five)


Keyword Tools

3) Further resources

Further links not published in the App Outsourcing Guide which you may find useful.

LinkedIN Groups

Suppliers (recommended)

Create an iPhone version of your website