Next you should define your intended audience or audiences. List them all out be as specific as you can, eg: ‘Men in Baltimore who love baseball’.

Then think about the goals they might have, eg:

  • Staying up to date with all baseball scores and news

And the activities this may result in:

  • Getting alerts (‘push notifications’) on any baseball results as they happen;
  • Getting alerts when news stories are published about their favourite team;
  • Sharing news with other interested friends (through Facebook/Twitter etc).

Now you might not be able to define every audience type, so just focus on the main ones and then build your app’s specification around those people. In fact Apple recommends (in it’s Human Interface Guidelines) that you build the features and make the default settings for your app in the way that will appeal to the most common 80% of your audience.

Once you have these stick these down in your App Product Statement too.