If you are producing this app for your company and there are other stakeholders involved then, once the following things are in place:

  • your app strategy (eg. iPhone only, special iPad edition and other platforms later?);
  • your spec;
  • designs/mock-ups (if you have some); and
  • your proposed breakdown of responsibilities are clear;

the next thing you should do is circulate the plans (email is good) and make sure that you get buy-in from everyone (it might seem over the top but written confirmation can ensure an easier life later).This may include:

  • Your boss
  • Your MD
  • Your development team
  • Your design team
  • Marketing
  • Editorial
  • Sales
  • Your sponsors

Verbal agreements are quickly forgotten or remembered differently by each person involved. If you are managing the project it is not too much to ask for formal buy-in from people, so do it.