By now you should have your ‘mission statement’, ‘key features, ‘intended audience’ and ‘measures of success’ for your app (don’t worry you can change these later, these are just an exercise in getting ideas out of your head for now). So, how do you go through the process of going from:

  • world-beating idea;
  • to awesome plan;
  • to dream supplier;
  • to perfect project;
  • to Apple approval;
  • to #1 on the App Store (or whatever it is you’d like to do)?

Well now you have the foundation, the next step is to get creative and come up with an exciting plan and a set of designs that will steer you through the rest of the project.

Before your creativity is unleashed though, I just want to hold you back for one more thing: taking a look at the in-built limitations that come with developing an iPhone and iPad app (though I encourage you to push these wherever possible!) I wouldn’t let it hamper your creativity too much, but whatever you’re planning to do there are some limitations that you should be aware of and things you will benefit from understanding now.The alternative is leaving them all for your developer to decide for you.

If you’re not sure on any of this just yet then come back to it later when you’re a bit clearer about what you want to do and then see how they would influence your project then.