The Supplier – things to keep in mind

Reach out

Even if you have already have one supplier in mind, it always pays to get a few comparisons. It needn’t take more than a few minutes to post your job on Elance, Guru or any similar website and bring it to the attention of hundreds of potential suppliers.. See what other talent is out there, you may be in for a pleasant surprise.

Ask and get answers

It’s your project! If you need to know something from a supplier before you’ll sign with them, ask now.
Enthusiasm and attention to detail are great qualities to have in any supplier
If any of the suppliers you are talking to show this in abundance it’s probably a good sign.


Know where the responsibilities lie on your side and the supplier’s side on each part of your project and make sure everyone else who needs to be aware knows too.


Don’t work without one. It doesn’t have to be 50 pages of legal speak (just use the template in this guide if you need a starting point) but make sure you have something.


If your project is in any way confidential don’t be afraid to protect yourself up front. Templates are available on websites like Elance or there are many specialist legal websites that will sell you a cheap non-confidentiality agreement which you can adapt.

If the content for your app is coming from outside of it, know how it’s getting into it

If you are producing a hybrid app and are going to be pulling in content from your website (or any other source) directly into the app make sure you understand what’s required and who is going to do this for you. You don’t have to understand how to code it but either someone on your side or your supplier’s side should do.

Know what happens if things don’t go to plan

It’s not being negative to think about what might not work out, but it does pays to be clear up front. Make sure you know then what will happen if the project over-runs or if the app is rejected first time around. It probably won’t, but if it does you’ll be glad you did (and be in a stronger position to get things back on track quickly too).

Know who owns what

In most cases the app, the code and the designs will be yours after the project but if you’re in any doubt, ask and get things in writing.

Know your other options

This might be the App Outsourcing Guide but it’s always good to know what your other options are. Look around for other options including some of the alternatives listed at the end of this section. Perhaps one of them is perfect for you?